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Damilola Lemomu

Artist-Filmmaker, Arts Programmer and Researcher


Past work



ETO Lyrics 2024 

ETO Lyrics is a new workshop series that uses the power of lyrics and songwriting to build confidence and support the creative expression of young people in Alternative Provision settings.

In ETO Lyrics sessions, classical and contemporary practitioners work alongside the students to write their own lyrics and create original pieces of music, combining contemporary and classical styles.

Delivered in collaboration with The Difference and local music hubs, ETO Lyrics will encourage participants to use their own experiences in a creative process, improving their mental health and wellbeing. I will be creating two films and one podcast as part of this project.

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Otherfield Film Festival, 2-4 August, East Susse
Film Programmer

Otherfield is a non-fiction film festival launched in 2011 that takes place biennially at Laughton Lodge in East Sussex. Guest filmmakers have included Andrea Luka Zimmerman, George Amponsah, Mohammed Jabalia and Pawel Lozinski. I am part of the programming team for 2024.

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